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Holy Trinity Anglican Church meets in homes on Sunday mornings.  If you are interested in joining us for worship, please let us know and we will share with you the meeting time and location.


If you have never experienced an Anglican service before, you may find yourself wondering why things happen in the manner they do. We hope this gives you a glimpse into our rich history and tradition.


The white garments, called albs, were worn daily in the early church by the newly baptized as a symbol of the purity and righteousness of Jesus Christ in which they were now clothed. Today the albs serve as a reminder to all in the congregation of our need to live pure and righteous lives because we continually stand in the sight of Almighty God.

Priest and deacons wear a long thin garment called a stole. The color changes with the season of the church year. Originally, Roman magistrates wore a stole when they served in an official capacity. Today, priests and deacons wear stoles over their albs as a sign that they are occupied with official duties.

The stole of a deacon is draped over the left shoulder and tied at the right side, while that of a priest hangs around the neck and down the front.


Our liturgy (order of service) has been handed down for centuries as a vehicle to draw us into the worship of God through song, prayer, scripture, preaching of His Word, and finally with Holy Communion-the reminder that He gave Himself for us as the final and perfect sacrifice and continues to give Himself to us through the Sacrament. All baptized believers are welcome to join us in Holy Communion.

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