Online Worship Services

Here is where you will find our online worship service. Well, actually several online Christian worship services. Over the past few months, we have created many services of Christian Worship. The Morning Prayer service has been the main focus–thinking that most people already had their own church service, but we would provide at least a Morning Prayer service honoring Christian Worship.

We have many years of Christ Worship behind us and have served in churches that present different worship styles. So, we are well versed in worship styles and musical styles (from traditional, contemporary, gospel, and spiritual). These you can experience in our past services. You might call us a Christ Online Worship Church now.

We have moved from Morning prayer to Evening Prayer and then to Compline. Compline is the service just before bedtime and you will notice that especially in the prayers and some of the Scripture verses used. Because of very few responses to these worship types, we decided to move to prayer times, and currently, we have introduced Bible Stories.

There is a difference between Liturgical and Non-Liturgical worship. We, in the Anglican Church prefer Liturgical worship, so that is predominantly the style we use. It seems to have more of a purpose-driven motive than Non-Liturgical forms. We have some Eucharist services or “masses” as it is called.  You will notice that Eucharist means Lord’s Supper or Communion Service.

Please take a few minutes to look through the collection of services that we offer. And, while you are perusing them, don’t just be a spectator, be a participant—sing the songs, say the prayers, respond where it is proper to do so.  And when you are finished, please go to the bottom of the home page and leave us a comment.  If you have an issue leaving a comment, please let us know by sending us an email at

God’s richest blessings to you and yours.